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about Krankenschein(SHV),and more…

the most of asylum seekers in germany must have a Krankenschein before they go to see a doctor. i did not get any one as i kept a normal condition since 18 months. recently i have to,because i am distracted. a british doctor said i was having ADD so that i nearly throw away my […] Continue reading

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frames of mind

One Chinese investigate germany,german actual slack system after 2nd world war is on account of france,because france does not want a gumptious neighbor. Friend Chik–an american chinese–was detained in Munich when he came to germany for commerce,which caused by a commercial dispute in Hongkong 1995. Chik repeated to me the american consulate’s telephone enquiry to […] Continue reading

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china geheimdienst ohne grenzen?

informed by a posted man china ‘police’ are in boschetsriederstrasse 41 munich where the BAMF stands on, which is for a coorperation between china-german government of a deportation plan in their official commentary. untill now,there isn’t yet any big media has pertinent reports on this event,and it seems that this would be mystically appeared and […] Continue reading

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